Javier del Pino

W2 Interim Professor (Vertretungsprofessur)


W2 Interim Professor
Dept. of Physics,

Univ. of Konstanz, P702

Universitätsstr. 10
Konstanz, Germany

Theoretical Quantum Physicist specialized in nanoscale light, sound, and matter interactions. I am currently serving as a W2 Interim Professor at the University of Konstanz, Germany.

I have had the opportunity to delve into both classical and quantum many-body systems. My journey in this field has been enriched by a strong foundation in analytical skills and computational modeling.

I am grateful for the learning experiences provided by the ETH Postdoctoral Fellowship, which supported some of my work and fostered valuable collaborations with experimental teams.

My postdoctoral stint at the Photonic Forces experimental group at AMOLF, Amsterdam, allowed me to explore new realms in topological and nano-optomechanical networks. My Ph.D. research at UAM, Madrid, focused on studying strong coupling between light and organic molecules.

selected publications

  1. Z2cat.png
    Dynamical Gauge Fields with Bosonic Codes
    Javier Pino, and Oded Zilberberg
    Phys. Rev. Lett., Apr 2023
  2. HBjl.png
    HarmonicBalance.jl: A Julia suite for nonlinear dynamics using harmonic balance
    Jan Košata, Javier Pino, Toni Louis Heugel, and 1 more author
    SciPost Phys. Codebases, Feb 2022
  3. particle_hole.png
    Non-Hermitian chiral phononics through optomechanically-induced squeezing
    Javier Pino, Jesse J. Slim, and Ewold Verhagen
    Nature, Oct 2022