Explore the materials for courses I've taught, delving into the realms of Quantum Oscillators and Quantum Optics through computational approaches.

As a W2 Interim Professor at the University of Konstanz, my teaching philosophy is rooted in active student engagement and practical application of theoretical concepts. Below are the courses I am currently teaching:

Computational Approaches to Quantum Oscillators (Winter Semester 2023-24)

This Master’s course provides an in-depth exploration of quantum oscillators, pivotal in various technologies from quantum sensing to computing. Key topics include:

  • Effects of time-dependent forces on oscillators (amplification, cooling, coupling)
  • Utilizing computational tools like Python’s QuTiP and Julia Notebooks’ QuantumOptics.jl
  • Simulation and analysis of quantum dynamics

The course adopts a “flipped classroom” approach, encouraging students to actively participate, work collaboratively, and seek guidance as needed.

Seminar: Computational Methods for Quantum Optics

This seminar offers an immersive experience in quantum optics through:

  • Critical discussion and analysis of research papers
  • Hands-on creation of presentations
  • Focusing on quantum optics problems solvable on classical computers
  • Adopting a “reproducible journal club” style

Students engage deeply with the subject matter, enhancing their understanding through presentations backed by reproducible computational notebooks.